• Human Technology

    Transform your Interview Experience. Build a stellar employer brand.

  • Making Interviews An Awesome Experience

    From the first hello to the final offer.

  • Automated, Yet Thoughtful

    Hire faster, hire smarter.
  • Designed For YOU

    Whether you're a Recruiter, Interviewer, Agency or Candidate, mathilda® works for you.

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The mathilda® Story

#humantechnologyBringing Back the Human Connection in Recruitment

Hiring should be enjoyable, easy and purposeful.
That is why mathilda® is designed from a 'user-first' perspective, to create a groundbreaking and intuitive solution that simplifies and shortens the hiring process.

From Agency to Recruiter to Candidate, mathilda® is going to be your best hiring buddy in your recruitment journey.

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  • Candidate Experience

    You have the Power. Be heard.

    Know where you are in the process. With interview prep notes and post interview experience feedback, you have the resources to be prepared and rate every interview experience. Be kept informed by mathilda® every step of the way and let “Don’t hear backs” be a thing of the past, finally.

  • Interviewer Experience

    Interview smart, interview deep.

    Combining “Smart Feedback” with specific job objectives, interviewers can focus on areas relevant to their expertise. It prevents candidate fatigue, no one likes repeating the same answers for 7 interviewers. It’s certainly more meaningful than asking a breath of subjects superficially. Interview smarter, today.

    Self Service Timezone aware Scheduling does away with the tedious back and forth of checking availability of candidate and interviewers. Through a self-service model, interviews can be done quickly, supported by web, phone, onsite or Skype.


  • Recruiter Experience

    Spend time chasing talents, not feedbacks.

    Reduce the chaos with us. Let mathilda® prompt you what’s overdue, chase your unresponsive colleagues (nicely, of course), automate the progress and manage all the coordination required to move a candidate to hire.

    My Day-In-A-Glance prioritize your urgent tasks for you, makes your day more productive and focus. That's a good reason to smile!


  • Agency Experience

    Stay updated, all the time.

    With candidate status tracking, mathilda® offers a different experience to recruitment agencies. See how your candidates are progressing to different stages, how they score, all the way to a hire or rejection. Calibration is faster and you are no longer left in the dark, pressured to send more CVs blindly.

    For the first time, you can encourage great feedback clarity through rating the quality of feedback from an interviewer.


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