How mathilda® came about

A lot of clients and candidates have asked me why I started mathilda®? 

Different from how Progression was started, the idea was borne out of frustration, on our part, on part of our in-house TA clients and mostly of/on our candidates.

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Offering a great interview experience and why every company should do it

In this era of pervasive social media, having a great employer branding is the most powerful advantage a company can have.

Yet, we still hear from the ground that unless you are the candidate being offered the job, chances are you won’t hear from the hiring company after your last interview. In this day and age, candidate experience is not something that remains a “nice to have” anymore.

As more jobs functions are being made redundant, perhaps forever, and as new jobs requiring skillsets that have yet to be prolific emerges, we will face a shortage of people who can "fly a plane as they build it". Everyone will be competing for these talents who can learn and adapt as they go. There will come a point where if you can’t be the best pay master, then what gives?


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HR Festival Asia 2019

Last week, Astarel participated in the region's largest gathering for the HR and Tech industries, the HR Festival Asia 2019, to showcase its Interview Experience platform - mathilda®. It was a 2 day event meeting with visitors from Singapore, to US and Europe, and also participating in the Pitch Fest, which we were the first runner-up to (against 19 other startups!!).

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