In this era of pervasive social media, having a great employer branding is the most powerful advantage a company can have.

Yet, we still hear from the ground that unless you are the candidate being offered the job, chances are you won’t hear from the hiring company after your last interview. In this day and age, candidate experience is not something that remains a “nice to have” anymore.

As more jobs functions are being made redundant, perhaps forever, and as new jobs requiring skillsets that have yet to be prolific emerges, we will face a shortage of people who can "fly a plane as they build it". Everyone will be competing for these talents who can learn and adapt as they go. There will come a point where if you can’t be the best pay master, then what gives?

The answer is culture and growth – your company’s DNA and direction. In short, your brand; how you communicate it, how people and employees identify with it.

Not all companies have deep pockets to do branding exercises. But most companies have a department poised to touch every potential candidate/customer. Everyone on your hiring team – not just your HR folks, but every staff conducting interviews and your agency partners who reign in these hard-to-woo candidates, are your brand ambassadors. The bad news is if they drop the ball, your reputation suffers.

There's also a perception that candidate experience consideration is something that is exclusively for large companies. In fact for small firms who are competing with large corporations everyday, telling your story of who you are as a company, is something that can truly sets you apart from others. With the right tools, teamwork, a clear thought process and of course, good old hard work, it doesn't have to cost a bomb.

Studies have shown that bad candidate experience cost you money: from the famous Don’t-Hear-Backs, never-ending rounds, unprofessional interviewer behaviour, scheduling taking too long, poor rejection reasons to the lack of it. These spurned candidates end up not reapplying for any job with you, tell others not to apply at your company, do not buy your products and persuade others not to. The hiring experience can work against you…Or you can choose to make it work for you.

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In bringing mathilda®, an Interview Experience platform to the market, we have considered major factors like making hiring efficient: instilling clear interview objectives for every interviewer and nifty tools to shorten time spent without sacrificing quality. We cover candidate experience at every touch point where their happiness pulse is tracked and communicated, from start to close. Other stakeholders perspectives are considered as well, not just the candidate - agencies, peer interviewers and HR teams where they can easily track jobs, red flags/gaps and bad experience can be flagged immediately.

Often after implementing mathilda®, candidates were pleasantly surprised and impressed by the company’s effort to hear about their experience, a far cry from a never-hearing-from-you-again response. Features like Last Mile can be a deployed as a powerful tool where mathilda® increases the chances of candidates accepting your offers through extending the positive journey they have so far, right to the most pivoting point of offer-acceptance.


With a strong brand, you are less pressured to bend over backwards to attract A candidates, while leaving your competition paling in comparison to you.


Transforming the way you hire and building an unbeatable employer brand at the same time, can be within reach for large and small companies alike. It's high time every candidate get a good experience.

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