The Mathilda Story


It's all about
the candidate


mathilda® is a one-of-a-kind recruitment buddy focused on the candidates’ experience – from the first hello to the final offer. Candidates are prepped before each interview, kept in the loop on details like the number of rounds required, and kept engaged in between interview phases.

The self-service scheduling and red flag reminders ensure you not miss out on any important action items, while your hiring managers are sent light-hearted reminders to keep the whole process moving. Did we mention that mathilda® is also good with rejections?

Just because a talented candidate is not chosen this time doesn’t mean its goodbye forever. Handled with finesse and tact, mathilda® keeps them interested and inspired to try for other available roles, be it now or in the near future. Book with any of our experience officers below to see mathilda® in action in 20 mins.

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