Features Overview

Redesigning The Interview Experience

mathilda® was designed to delight, because who says an enterprise hiring software has to be dull, sterile and cold?

Not only will our user interface keep you feeling refreshed, mathilda® data insights helps you make good hiring decisions too!

Self-Service Timezone Scheduling

Self-service Timezone SchedulingTo expedite the hiring process, our smart scheduler eliminates the back-and-forth of picking a time that suits multiple interviewers and the candidate. Sync to your Outlook or Gmail, it facilitates interview modes with Web Meetings, Skype, Onsite and On-call. Let candidates block your interviewers preferred interview timeslots and keep you in the loop.

No more struggling with a decent timing as mathilda will take care of pesky time-zones gaps!

'My Day' Dashboard

My Day Dashboardmathilda® has an in-built Dashboard where all major actions are prioritized for you. From the longest open job to the number of red flags to pending hiring decision, you can plan your day better and keep the chaos under control.

After all, a bird's eye view from a vantage point gives you clarity.

Smart Feedback

Smart FeedbackWith the mathilda® smart scoring feature, you can find the best candidate based on the feedback on interview objectives, collected from all the interviewers who interacted with them.

This ensures that the decision making is quick, transparent and validated through all channels.

Delightful Candidate Experience

Delightful Candidate ExperienceKnow where you are in the process. With pre-interview prep notes and post-interview experience feedback scoring, you have the resources to be prepared and rate every interview experience.

Be kept informed by mathilda® every step of the way and let “Don’t hear backs” be a thing of the past, finally.

Redflag Overview

Redflag OverviewWe have a Red Flag system where we put in checks to make sure the process is as fast and seamless for all its users.

From a missing interview slot to missing feedback to overdue pending hiring decisions, all the relevant stakeholders and you will be notified to take action.

Feedback Reminders

Feedback RemindersWant to bring transparency to the interviews but tired of chasing interviewers to fill feedback forms? Well, fret not! Your recruiting buddy mathilda® does all the chasing (and make them laugh or sometimes, cringe) to haul in those precious feedback data for you.

Hiring Leaderboard

Hiring LeaderboardEveryone on the team is an ambassador and we should reward the best people in the process. From agencies to in-house team, from interviewers to hiring managers, you'll get to know who is the fastest interviewer and who brings the best talent consistently.

Nothing like some good old competition to encourage the great work.

Custom Workflow

Custom Workflowmathilda® offers a lot of flexibility for different roles in the interview process. If one role requires you to take programming tests while another requires you to take an analytical test.

Did we mention mathilda® even allows you to create reusable templates for each type of job?

Robust Reporting

Custom WorkflowOne of the unique features of mathilda® is its reporting feature. You get a totally transparent breakdown of your Time-To-Hire for each role. You get to see every step, such as the time taken waiting for feedback or for interviews to happen.

Last Mile

Custom WorkflowSpotting a good talent is easy. Winning them over, could be trickier. After all, the sparkle of a diamond in the rough surely catches the attention of all your competitors too.

The mathilda® Last Mile is a unique content-driven feature, designed to engage with the candidate at the final stages of his/her decision making process. Think of it as the gentle nudge that will tip the balance to your favor.

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