The Mathilda Story

The mathilda® Story

We are a group of people with decades of recruiting and enterprise software experience who believe in the power of technology to solve recruiting challenges, without losing the human warmth.

Problems we solve:

• Bad Candidate Experience – from the first hello, having interview preparation notes to tracking Candidate Experience Scores and final offers/rejection, the candidate will always have a proper closure versus the current 95% of applications that goes to a blackhole. This hurts employers branding and eventually revenue.

• Inefficient and ineffective hiring – mathilda® has developed features cut manual process as much as 70% through automation.

We think like recruiters, behave like candidates and prod like an interviewer. With these different perspectives, we developed mathilda® as we believe everyone deserves a good, if not, awesome interview experience. And good experience develops a good employer brand.


Our Solution

mathilda® is an interview experience platform that transforms the interview experience and allows companies to build an exceptional employer brand in the hiring process.

By designing for the stakeholder experience instead of a job process perspective typical of the 1.0 generation of ATS, we take into consideration how each user will want to use the software, from recruiters to hiring managers to agencies and candidates.

These include:

• Reforming the current chaotic interview process

• Sophisticated interview scheduling system; self-service to recruiter assigned scheduling

• Transforming the Candidate, Hiring Manager, Agency and Interviewer experience

• Helping hiring managers make fast yet validated hiring decisions

• Collecting smart feedback anytime, anywhere

• Automating coordination work and minimize intervention for recruiters

With a beautiful interface, mathilda® dispels the notion that enterprise software has to be utilitarian, while making hiring easy and enjoyable for Startups to Enterprises

Differentiate yourself from your peers and win the war for talent through a nimble, attractive and intelligent system.




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