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Be a 2.0 Recruiter with mathilda®

You can differentiate yourself, helping your customers solve more problems on top of sourcing for people. Help them get efficient and streamlined, offload their manual recruiting tasks. Be an all round talent solution provider.

We are always on the lookout for a good partner to work together with.Our partner program is straightforward and business-friendly, so you will be ready in no time. Contact us for a chat today!

  Get Clarity

How many times have heard from your HR stakeholder "I don't have any feedback from the interviewer, please send more candidates in the meanwhile?"

With mathilda®, you are kept posted of where your candidates are in the process, until they are rejected or offered. You can even rate the quality of the feedback for the rejection or advancement so that you can refine your searches and not be left in the dark. Down to the time place and the mode of interview, you have access to all the bites and bytes in mathilda®.

  Get Accredited

Be listed on our Partners Page, stand out and be discovered. We provide partner training, support and once you passed the test, each recruiter gets a mathilda® Accredited Partner – MAP accreditation!

  Stand Out

In a space where barrier to entry is low, it is not easy to be on top and stay there. For the best of us, being a good recruiting partner is not enough. Differentiating yourself from "just another recruiter" by solving your client's challenges in the recruiting process. Be the external talent solution provider, anchor a more strategic relationship to your clients in the long term, instead of just providing CVs.

  New Possibilities

Very often, recruiters are used to getting the cold shoulder in the regular BD efforts. After all - how many times recruiters used a line that says we are the best, we listen, we are unique? In representing mathilda®, you leave 99% of the competition behind, being a talent solution provider instead.

  Get Recognized

With the mathilda® Leaderboard, every stakeholder in the process is recognized, yes, even the agency. Your clients will be able to see you are the Top Biller Agency, Most Valuable Player providing the most valuable inputs or efforts, or the Master Sniper who sends only the Rockstars.

  Be Rewarded

Get paid! A nice way to supplement recruiting income.

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Can’t be a Mathilda Accredited Partner but have interested parties to refer? Our Referral Program is ideal for businesses, if you’re looking to anchor relationships while scoring candidates and earning from it - this IS for you.



To participate in our Referral program, tell us about yourself via the online application. We will discuss if your company fits and is viable for this program.

We will provide you with the training you need for clarity. Once onboard, refer your existing clients and your prospects to Astarel and start earning referral fees.

You can introduce Mathilda to your clients and prospects but we will help you with the heavy lifting - and that means to present, demo and manage.



You can stand out from the traditional recruiters by providing your clients options and solutions to automate their recruiting tasks.

There will be commissions which will be a customised commission structure, marketing support and of course other benefits.

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Contact us if you are interested or have questions.

You can also sign up via this application form.



Be a mathilda® Accredited Partner

Our partner program is straightforward and business-friendly, so you will be ready in no time.

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