The Mathilda Story

The Mathilda™ Story

We are a group of people with decades of recruiting and enterprise software experience and we believe in the power of technology to solve recruiting challenges.

So, we think like recruiters, behave like candidates and prod like an interviewer. After using all the tools available for almost a decade, we are still not happy with the process and result.

Hence we developed Mathilda™ because we believe everyone deserves a good, if not, awesome interview experience.

Hiring people is tough, looking for a job is even tougher - we want to make the process as pleasant as possible. We don’t claim to be radically different, but we do claim to be a lot better because of our unique approach.

Our Solution

Combining modern technology with the values of old school hiring ethos, we aim to speed up and automate the manual work so you can make time for more face-to-face communications, which we strongly believe is the pillar for all successful relationships.

We want to bring forth creative solutions through design thinking which can bring back the human warmth of the traditional recruitment process.

These include: 

  • Reforming the current chaotic interview process
  • Transforming the Candidate, Hiring Manager, Agency and Interviewer experience
  • Helping hiring managers make fast yet validated hiring decisions
  • Collecting smart feedback anytime, anywhere
  • Automating coordination work and minimize intervention for recruiters
  • Making hiring easy and enjoyable for Startups to Enterprises

With Mathilda™, we help companies win the war for talent through a nimble, competent and intelligent system.



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